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In STREAM lab, 3rd graders learned about the life cycle of butterflies and we continued to discuss this in art class as students created watercolor butterflies. We reviewed bilateral symmetry in nature and looked at examples of rhythm in patterns found on animals. Students used different tints of watercolor and created original designs using lines, shapes, and color. Each student's butterfly was a unique and dazzling creation!

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In the fall, we talked about patterns of change that occur in nature, such as leaves falling from trees. We looked at the many ways artists show movement and change through their work. Students painted three time-lapse pictures to illustrate the motion of falling leaves, and how trees change over time.

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Students learned that value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. We discussed how artists show value by creating different tints and shades of color. Students practiced mixing paints to form a gradient of values, then used their paint mixing skills to create striking scenes in which value changes depict a light source. 

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In winter, we read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and learned about the author/illustrator's life. We observed how he used collage, with mostly simple shapes and colors, to create winter scenes. We discussed how to show the illusion of space (foreground, middle ground, and background) in a landscape by using overlapping shapes, differing sizes, and placement of objects on the page.

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In social studies, third graders learned about symbols of America. We continued to talk about these symbols, including the meaning of the American flag, the Great Seal of the United States, and the bald eagle. Students followed step-by-step instructions and  used watercolor crayons to create this symbol of strength and freedom.

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We learned about Henri Matisse and looked at the paper-cut collages he created later in life. Students made collages of organic and geometric shapes and paid attention to placing colors of different hues and values in positions that created contrast. Third graders arranged their shapes to create a balanced, dynamic composition.

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Thank you for viewing our gallery! The featured artwork was created by 3rd grade artists from 2016 to present. 

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