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Sixth graders used color, shapes, texture, lines, space, and value to create these brilliant winter scenes! Students studied how shadows, light, and dimension can be portrayed with varying tints, shades, and intensities of watercolor. Some students experimented with using salt to produce unique and beautiful effects.

Sixth graders created stunning embossed metal plates by etching original designs into the back of the metal, then turning the plate over and adding texture to the front. Students then applied black shoe polish to the front, enhancing the texture. Finally, they lightly sanded the surface to achieve contrast between the flowing lines and background value. Students achieved balanced compositions that displayed rhythm and motion.

For Earth Day, sixth graders used recycled magazines to create vibrant collages. They used contrasting tones and values to create distinct positive and negative space in their images. The results were outstanding!

Sixth graders used grid lines to increase the size of an image while maintining its dimensions. This technique allowed students to focus on the positive and negative space within each square, to build the "big picture" more accurately, piece by piece. They used colored pencils to finalize their art, replicating the various shades, tints, and intensities of color in the image. These artists showed great focus and attention to detail!

Thank you for viewing our gallery! The featured artwork was created by 6th grade artists from 2016 to present.